Best Practice



Third Sector, Dumfries and Galloway works to promote, support and develop quality experiences of volunteering for ALL individuals and communities throughout the region.

Volunteers are an important resource in community groups and voluntary organisations.  If volunteers are to have ‘quality’ experiences, to remain committed to your organisation and to enjoy participating then good practice linked to clear policies is essential.

Good Practice Guides and templates have been designed to provide your organisation with information, advice and help on how to best work with volunteers.  These can be accessed by clicking on the links in the table below.

In working with volunteers the importance of implementing best practice in order to recruit, train and support volunteers cannot be underestimated.  A quality volunteer experience will benefit the volunteer and your organisation.

We can offer your organisation support and training to develop and implement best practice in working with all volunteers.


The following toolkit is designed to help you with best practice in working with and supporting volunteers. The sections can be looked at separately with the understanding that your volunteers’ policy and procedures will affect many of your other policies.

For example The Health and Safety policy statement covering your volunteers needs to be written with equal opportunities in mind, affording your volunteers the same degree of protection as your paid staff.

Within this toolkit there is information to get you started in producing your Volunteer Policy and Procedures. Included are examples of best practice for your use.   


Toolkit Model Examples Toolkit Reference
Checklist Checklist Policy Agreement Form/Other
Volunteer Policy  A2  B1    
Health & Safety  B2   Policy Guidance
Equal Opportunities A4 B4    Policy Guidance
Data Protection  A9     Policy Guidance
Vulnerable Adults & Child Protection    B5    
Working with children and young people  A5  B5    Policy Guidance
Working with Volunteers with additional support needs    B5   Guidance 
Volunteer Agreements     B6 B7   
Volunteer out of pocket expenses       Policy Guidance C6 C7 
Insurance Cover       C12 
Volunteer Drivers       C12 
Volunteer Agreements      B6 B7  
Confidentiality     B9   
Recruitment and Selection        
Task Description/Specification A6       
Application forms       C1     C2 
Criminal records       Guidance 
References       C5 
Training and development A7      Guidance 
Task Record A6     C8 
Training Record        C9
Support and Supervision       Guidance C8 
Resolving problems   B1    Guidance 
Other information        
Welfare benefits        Guidance
Day Trips and Visits A8      C10 


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