Start your volunteering journey today


What is Volunteering?

The Scottish Government defines volunteering as:

‘the giving of time and energy through a third party, which can bring measurable benefits to the volunteer, individual beneficiaries, groups and organisations, communities, environment and society at large. It is a choice undertaken of one’s own free will, and is not motivated primarily for financial gain or for a wage or salary‘.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer; it is not necessary to have previous experience or qualifications.  Everyone has their own particular and skills to offer.

Why do people volunteer?

People volunteer for a variety of reason.  What you gain from volunteering varies and depends on what you are looking for any why you want to volunteer.


Take the first step to your volunteering journey by searching for an opportunity from Volunteer Scotland’s extensive database.

There are literally hundreds of volunteering opportunities to choose from at any one time, so depending on your interests, skills, how much time you have to give or which particular group you would like to give your time to, there will be an opportunity out there for you!

You can find out more information about each opportunity, where it is happening, time commitments and what skills and experience are required by clicking on the relevant opportunity. When you have identified one or more opportunities that you are interested in, you can register your interest.

A member of our team will then contact you to give you more information about the opportunity and take you through the registration and referral process.  We will then contact the organisation on your behalf.